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Music Video Production Studio

Prices start at $500 for 5 hours. 3 sets included.

Our music video studio can provide you with all kinds of music video location ideas. We provide complete filming packages which include everything you will need to produce a high-quality music video. If you have a specific storyline for your video, we offer many different music video filming locations to make your vision a reality. If instead you have more of a general idea, our staff will be able to help you find clarity on what you need to create a powerful music video.

doctor office set music video

Music Video Production Set

Our video production studio has a variety of standing sets that are perfect for unique music video locations. You will be able to tell any story or create any vibe using our studio's sets, props, and services. We'll provide you with an affordable music video production package which helps you manage every part of your shoot. Our studio in Miami is the best place for your music video set rental needs.

interrogation room set for music video

Interrogation Room for Music Video

Our interrogation room is one of many music video film sets which can help depict the life of a criminal or a cop. It would be great for a rock or a rap video. The room is clean and dark, and simple so that the focus is on the performance. This set includes everything you would expect to see in a real interrogation room, such as a table and chairs and even a two-way mirror. Our music video studio will provide you with everything you need for a unique and professional experience.

Hospital Room for Music Video

Hospital Room for Music Video

Our video production studio has all kinds of affordable film sets that would make for unique and interesting music video shoot locations. Our hospital room is detailed and clean. Any medical scene will look serious and professional. All props come included with this cheap music video production package so you will be able to accomplish any vision you have. An exceptional medical scene will set your video apart and create a thought-provoking effect.

music video green screen

Green Screen for Music Video

If you're looking for cool locations for music videos in south Florida but aren't sure exactly what you want, our green screen provides an intriguing option. You could be in outer space, or the wild west, or dancing against a changing background, the possibilities are endless. This affordable video production package is versatile so you can let your creative side run wild. This flexibility sets us apart from other music video locations.

police music video

Police Office for Music Video

For exceptional music videos, it is necessary to find unique music video shoot locations. Our police office is one of our largest standing sets which can accommodate small or large groups of performers. You'll be able to shoot all kinds of criminal justice scenes on this film set, and all props are included. You will be able to make a powerful statement in your music video by using this versatile set for a serious scene.

Prison Set for Music Video

Prison Set for Music Video

A prison is a dark and serious place, and sets a tough-guy tone for your music video. It is one of our most popular music video filming locations, and can be especially powerful in rap or hip hop videos. This set provides a lot of different music video location ideas, whether you want to represent a literal or metaphorical jail cell. Your video will look like it was shot at an actual jail cell, with everything that you would expect to see included.

classroom music video

Classroom Set for Music Video

Prison Set for Music Video

Padded Safe Room

Prison Set for Music Video

Luxourious Lobby

Prison Set for Music Video

Graffiti stairs

Prison Set for Music Video


Prison Set for Music Video

Luxurious Mansion

Music Video Stage Lighting

$175/hr. 5 hour minimum. Includes 3 Standing Sets & up to 2 Light Setups.
Additional fees for off site delivery/setup.

When searching for music video locations in south Florida it's important to choose a video production studio with experience in music videos. A music video is very different from any kind of television or movie filming, so the music video studio you choose must understand the equipment and services which are necessary to make your video pop. We pride ourselves on providing you with an exceptional experience by utilizing our own expertise to help you create extraordinary music videos that will impress mass audiences.
Music Video Production Lighting
Music Video Production Lighting
Overhead Music Setup
Tunnel Music Setup
V Setup
Wall Setup

Music Video Prop Rental

Not included with studio rental

When researching music video locations it is important to recognize all that a studio has to offer. Our company provides complete prop sets with all our standing sets. If you book a rental with us for your music video shoot, you can be sure that you will be provided with everything you will need. Contact us today to discuss your ideas. We'll provide you with all the props to make your dream come true, including police and medical uniforms, fake money and weapons, vehicles, and more.
police outfit for music video

Official Police Outfit

Nurse outfit for music video

Nurse Outfit

music video guns fake

Gun Props

fake money music video

Fake Cash

fake money music video

Prison Suit

fake money music video

Fake Handcuffs

Vehicle Prop Rental

Not included with studio rental

police car for music video

Police Vehicle Rental

cargo van music video

White Cargo Van Rental

fake money music video

2017 Yellow Slingshot

fake money music video

Luxury Autos

fake money music video

Helicopter Rental

fake money music video

Personal Jet

Music Video Production Services

Our video production studio near Fort Lauderdale is not just a place to film your music video shoot. We also provide all kinds of video production services from pre- to post-production. Whether you need help with talent management or video editing services, we can provide you with a cheap music video production package that meets all your needs. Your music video will come across as professional and cool. Our music video studio is the best choice for any kind of music video project.


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